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Laundry that got stained in the washing machine, clothes that get crumpled and ironing becomes unbearable a chore,   dinner stains that will not be removed, clothes that look  second hand after a few uses… this is the nightmare of everyone who has a baby.

But it need not be like that.

The Mummy does not buy things because they are cheap.

The low price does not give us savings, because a poor-quality product wears out faster, whereas a good-quality one will serve us longer.

In our Littlebabyem offer you will find clothes made of natural fibers, sewn with the greatest care.

All with the children in mind.

Our clothes won’t cause any skin irritation to your baby due to toxic additives or dyes.

The material is cuddly,  its contact with the body is pleasant and  feels as satiny and silky as mom’s skin.

Warm, but not overly warm, and  naturally nice.

And you can be sure that the clothes are not afraid of washing machines and after care; they will always look like new.

Take care of your baby’s smile with natural, high-quality clothes.

When your baby is happy you don’t see the rain outside the window  because you see the sun in your baby’s eyes.

Try the clothes from our collection and tell us if they met your expectations.

You will find out that from now on you will only buy soft, natural and baby-friendly clothes.

We are expecting you, because nothing is more important to us than a satisfied customer.

You cannot lose, but instead you can discover a new, developing brand and a new quality,

Buy something in this category and share your impressions.

You are warmly welcome and we hope you will use our collections with pleasure. .

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