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Rattles story

There are millions of baby rattles around the world. Each is unique when viewed through the eyes of an adult. But is every rattle suitable for a baby? In medicine, there is a term that is called INFANT OVERSTIMULATION. 


When your baby comes into the world, little ones are constantly learning new things. Every sound, smell, touch and sight is new to a baby. All of these stimulate baby nervous system and brain. Too much stimulus in a baby’s environment can interfere with baby’s natural cognitive processes. The body of a small child will defend itself against such stimuli and this may lead to disrupted behavior. (read more: link)

This is why you often have to protect your children from unnecessary noise. A rattle that’s constructed in such a way that makes a noise like a crow on a tin roof,  can be more destructive than you thought.

No overstimulation with LittlebabyEm rattles. 

LittlebabyEm KNOWS the solution how to develop the rattles and stimulate the child.  We recommend Llittlebabyem Rattles to your baby (e.g. see this fantastic product).

What your baby gets: 

  • an entertaining shape,a toy that does not make unnecessary noise (as opposed to the noisy, plastic ones that are as noisy as a factory in China),
  • and is made of the highest quality wood,
  •  ecological product, pure wood,
  • appealing shape adapted to the child’s hand

What does your child receive:

  • a sensory toy that stimulates his motor, sensory, visual and olfactory stimuli, … because our rattles smell of the forest and are as peaceful as nature. As opposed to the noisy, plastic ones that are as noisy as a factory in China.

And what do you profit as a mother?

Share it with us, write to us about it. We are very keen to read your opinion.

See our rattles.

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